I've been a client for over a year. These words best describe my experience - Responsive, caring, professional, exceptional, customer focused, adaptable, listens. I can be fairly critical of service providers, but honestly I can't think of any constructive feedback. You will not be disappointed working with Don. He is more than just a service provider, he truly cares about you and your business. He understands that the goal is to help you succeed.

Bob T.

Over the years our company has longed for a company to service our Database needs for those whom operate on a "dime budget". Sox Box ha particularly helped our establishment out in a tremendous way. We have been in operation for more than 19 years and we needed a way to meet the demand of our funders. With the excellent help from the IT Team @ Sox Box we have not only got the attention of our funders; but we have increased productivity by having this affordable ---yet great technology. Sox Box is the BEST!!!!!!

Christopher C.

Don has been very responsive to us. He has been extremely helpful in helping us understand how the program works and also is willing to provide some "customization" as future enhancements based on our individual requests. I would recommend soxbox for a food closet, food bank that is tracking clients.

Sandy B.

I became acquainted with Don through Sox Box, which after becoming acquainted with the program I chose to implement it to do the tracking for our food pantry. Don does what he says he will do and does it when he says he will do it. Very professional, always thinking of when it wold be convenient for me rather than himself. Is a great communicator, I have found a lot of people who write,work with computer programs are not always good communicators, Don shines at this.

Judy W.

We are so grateful for the excellent software Don has created and his administration of this software is excellent! We have experienced numerous operational improvements and quick turn around time for any requests for assistance. Thanks so much Don!


Food Bank Manager has saved my organization countless man hours. We used to operate using pen and paper. This software has allowed us to vitually go paperless. You can't beat it for the price!

Cory E.

I have been using this database for a little over a month. No problems so far. It is very self explanatory and is perfect for our organization. We serve over 1,000 needy families weekly at our food bank and this does the job at a great price!

Emma C.

Working with Don has been a very good experience. Every time I have put in a ticket about an issue, he has replied very quickly. I also like the fact that he takes suggestions and lets you know if they are working on the issue and when it will be completed.

Jody O.

I have used Food Bank Software for over a year at our food bank in Phoenix Arizona. We could not be happier with the performance of this software. Don Dedecker has always made himself available if we ever had a question or needed help. I hesitate for a moment recommending this product.

Bob S.

We were looking for a software program to track and measure our various programs (meals, food box distribution, clothing, I.D.'s etc) and found most to be expensive and difficult. Don showed us how to use his Sox Box program and within an hour we were up and running. The price is a bargain. He always is available and responds quickly whenever we have a question.

Arlen W.

Don Dedecker helped our church set up Food Bank Manager software for our food ministry. This program has been a real blessing. The setup was easy, and Don was available to hep with any questions we had. We were able to train our registration team on the software in about 15 minutes, and it has already saved us a lot of time.

Kristen D.

Looks great, Don -- you have no idea what a huge upgrade this is. Thanks! There may be many questions down the road, but just know how happy I am to see our data so well organized and accessible. Thank you!

Aleah P.