FoodBank Manager

Stop spending countless hours processing endless paperwork. You volunteered to help those less fortunate - not to be buried under a mountain of paperwork.

With FoodBank Manager, you can quickly cut through the paperwork and dedicate more time to true service.

FoodBank Manager is a client-tracking tool developed by Sox Box for managing your Food Pantry or Food Bank. It is a cloud-based database service that is incredibly easy-to-use with no overhead - all for just $24.95/month.

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With FoodBank Manager, you can track all the numbers that your reporting partners require - all with just the push of a button. A USDA-compliant product, FoodBank Manager provides you with an incredible amount of customization not available with any other service. It works perfectly as a standalone system for independent Food Pantries or as the managing system for an organization with multiple sites. Food Banks that want all of their Partner Pantries reporting accurate, timely information in the same format will benefit greatly from using FoodBank Manager.

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